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All car batteries eventually need replacing. Although batteries are not thought to be as harmful as they once were, it’s still important to recycle your car battery.

Don’t use your normal bin!

Batteries contain substances that can be harmful if not disposed of properly.

The good news is that lead-acid battery recycling is one of the most exceptional environmental success stories of our time.

A battery is a potentially a noxious product that contains substances that can harm the environment. As such we encourage you to recycle your car battery at any SABAT Battery Xpress store.   Lead-acid batteries contain lead, which can be recycled into many different things, and at SABAT Battery Xpress stores, we’ll provide you with a refund when you replace and recycle your car battery.

When should you replace your car battery?

The life expectancy for your car battery is typically a few years. However, several factors will determine this, for example, weather conditions, vehicle type, and driving habits.  Keep an eye out for these warning signs which indicate that your battery needs replacing:

  • The battery light comes on
  • You hear a grinding or clicking sound when you turn the ignition
  • The engine does not swing at all when you turn the ignition
  • Your vehicle cranks slowly when attempting to start
  • Your headlights dim when idling but brighten when you rev your engine
  • Your battery loses charge quickly

When your battery is showing these warning signs of failure, go to your nearest SABAT Battery Xpress store to have your battery tested, and if required, replaced.

How car battery recycling works?

Watch this nifty video to see how we recycle a SABAT battery.

Help protect our environment – recycling your battery is easy with SABAT Xpress.


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