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Great Breakfast Run Trails From Your Local SABAT Xpress

As the days get warmer and the sun rises a bit earlier, bikers around South Africa will brush off their riding jackets and boots in preparation for those epic breakfast runs.

And at SABAT Xpress, we’re getting ready to test your motorcycle batteries, whether you’re in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

For those who can’t wait for the warmer weather and want to head off immediately after testing, here are our top breakfast run routes from your closest

Let’s start off in the Mother City and make our way up the country.

SABAT Battery Breakfast Runs Out of Cape Town

No matter the time of the week, if you leave the Mother City in any direction, you’re bound to discover something absolutely fantastic.

Let’s start off up the West Coast at the SABAT Xpress Tableview.

West Coast Breakfast Run

The R27 is a fantastic road that starts a few hundred meters from the SABAT Xpress in Tableview and goes all the way to Velddrif.

At Velddrif, you can hop onto the R399, which will take you back to the N7. The N7 takes you to Malmesbury and is two lanes all the way to the N1 and Cape Town, making it easier to overtake slow trucks.

The first stop has to be at the Route 27 Roosterkoek stall. It is signposted as the Vygevallei Farm Stall on the road, and the stall is tucked away in the background. It’s an easy stop, with ample parking and a line of sight on the exit. It’s excellent for those needing a coffee boost.

For those true early birds going into the town of Yzerfontein, the Rosemead Artisan is a must. You need to get to the bakery early to beat the locals, but trust us, it’s worth it. Everything is baked on-site, and the charming West Coast seaside town vibe is infectious.

If you’re not keen to venture off the R27, you can push on to the Weskus Spens Padstal, which has been operating since 1992.

It’s everything you could wish for on the West Coast Trip. At this point, you’re about 20km outside of Velddrif, which is also a great spot to stop off and take in the views of the Berg River.

We’d suggest taking a break before hitting the R399 as this back road doesn’t have much in the way of attractions.

But if you push on to the N7 and stop off at the quirky, Desert Rose Farm Stall, you would have put in loads of good miles. It’s a great place to rest before hitting the double-lane part of the highway.

Watch out for huge trucks from the farmlands and Namibia, but most drivers keep left and allow traffic to pass safely on the right.

The Elgin Breakfast Run

If you’re looking to explore more of the eastern parts of Cape Town, you can start your journey from SABAT Xpress Somerset West. Located at the Somerset Mall, it is a location large enough for any sized group.

The route you’ll take is much shorter than the West Coast, but it is still epic. If you get an early start, you can make your way from Gordon’s Bay to the R44.

The R44 weaves its way around the coastline and through the charming towns of Rooi-Els, Pringle Bay, and Betty’s Bay, then it carries on all the way to Bot River, which links back to the N2.

Our recommended stops on this breakfast run are any of the viewpoints on the coastal road, or you can pull into The Grille Shack, which offers fantastic sea views.

Moving around the mountains, you can stop at the Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens for a coffee and a walk, but you can also push on to Kleinmond’s harbour road, which is chock-a-block with places to eat and rest.

Coming onto Bot River, there’s a charming Ou Meul Bakery and Farmstall. This is just before you hit the N2 and go onto the pass onto Elgin.

The first stop in the Grabow and Elgin pass has to be the Houw Hoek Inn, which is known for its pies. But the Peregrine Farm Stall is also on this road and it also makes fantastic pies. There’s a lot of debate about which one is better. So, we suggest buying them both. In the town of Elgin is also the Elgin Railway Market, which has loads of parking.

Once you hit the pass into Somerset West from Elgin, you’ll get the lovely scenic drive. If you are looking for more of an adventure, you can take Highlands Road into the back end of Elgin valley.

Either way, it is an excellent breakfast run.

SABAT Battery Breakfast Runs Out of Johannesburg

There’s so much countryside to explore in the surrounding areas of Johannesburg. This means longer trips out of the Gauteng province.

So, let’s go out – way east.

Way East Breakfast Run

A long-haul trip from our SAB Xpress Springs branch will be a ride to Long Tom Pass, which is 305km away.

Along the way, there are loads of sights to see. Not to mention that the final destination is worth the trip even without the sights.

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll need to take the R51 to the N12. The N12 leg is mostly coal mining towns, but there are a lot of service stations to pull into for a quick bite to eat.

And when the N12 changes to the N4 north, you will also encounter primarily commercial towns.  But when taking the Belfast turn-off and turning on the R540, you’re venturing into a region of quiet back roads.

Dullstroom is a great lunch stop, with its fun art galleries and eateries. We recommend having a meal at the Anvil Ale House and Brewery before heading further north.

Between Dullstroom and Lydenburg, there are many nice cottages to stop at if you want an overnight rest but from Lydenburg, it is a quick hop and a skip to the Long Tom Pass. And once you see the Long Tom Cannon, it’s time to venture back the way you came.

There are bound to be more stops along with the way and real hidden gems, which will make the trip back exciting, or you can carry on to Pilgrim’s Rest, Sabie, or even Hazyview.

Vaal Dam Breakfast Run

Starting at SABAT Xpress Springs, you’ll be heading south on the R51 all the way to Heidelberg.

Heidelberg will offer multiple coffee shop options but if you’re looking for great coffee, you can pull into The Secret Garden, which is nestled in the leafy suburbs. If you are in a large group, you might want to phone ahead and book a table.

The next road you’ll be looking for is the R549, which will take you all the way to the Vaal Dam, and it’s Nature Reserve but we’d suggest pulling left on the R54 to the small town of Vaal Marina.

There are loads of camping spots on the riverside, and we’re pretty sure you can pack a great lunch. Alternatively, you could have a meal in The Peppermill Family Restaurant.

If you want to access any yacht clubs, you must be accompanied by a member, and picnic spots may require bookings.  This will be a more leisurely run compared to the trip to Long Tom Pass.

If you need to check your battery after dusting off your biking gear. SABAT Xpress is willing to help.

Get Ready For Your Next Breakfast Run at SABAT Xpress

The importance of checking your battery before a long trip cannot be expressed enough. Nothing could be worse than being stranded in a remote location after enjoying a lovely cup of coffee.

You can find your nearest SABAT Xpress branch via our store location function if you have planned your breakfast run and need a battery check.


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