SABAT Battery Xpress
Store Partnership Programme

SABAT Battery Xpress Store Partnership

In addition to a well-known brand name, signing up for the SABAT Battery Xpress programme offers many advantages that are not available to the entrepreneur starting a battery business from scratch. Perhaps the most significant is that you get a proven system of operation and training in how to use it. New members can avoid a lot of the mistakes start-up entrepreneurs typically make because the Xpress programme has already perfected its daily operations through trial and error.

The Xpress programme is committed to delivering a superior level of service and product offering to its valued SABAT Battery Xpress customers. Some of these include:

  • Customised store signage.
  • Point of sale material.
  • Battery Application Guide.
  • Technical assistance and training.
  • Annual Xpress regional meetings.
  • Annual Xpress promotions.
  • Activation days for the opening of the store.
  • Digital marketing exposure.
  • Online reward programme.
SABAT Store Partnership Programme
SABAT Store Partnership Programme

Benefits of a SABAT Battery Xpress dealer:

  • SABAT Battery Xpress is a recognised battery specialist destination.
  • SABAT Battery Xpress will be marketed and established as an independent store.
  • Access to the full range of SABAT batteries and other exclusive products.
  • Value added customer promotions.
  • Advertising and support.
  • Access to a portal dedicated per individual store.